Monday, January 21, 2008

Welcome to my online store...Let me introduce to you our line of products..namely Bangkuan Bags, Jute and Straw Bags and Abaca Bags

Bangkuan Bags
Fashionable ladies bag made from braided, varnished bangkuan - an indeginous material abundant in the Bicol region.

( irene pink, pia yellow, pia brown )

( pia green, pia pink, pia red )

( paula blue, paula pink, twinkle )

( maricel , yvette, genevieve)

( ofelia, madonna, annabelle)

( phoebe, liaa, jasmin)

( neri, neri braided )

Abaca Bags
All trendy, stylish and functional bags uses high quality natural abaca fibers that is finely handwoven.

( wilma, lulu red, lulu brown)

( rosanna pink, rosanna lavander, rossana blue )

( jana pink, jana green, jenny handbags)

( daisy, angela pink, angela orange )

( beatriz beige, beatriz brown, betty bag)

( beverly bag, candy bag black, candy bag blue)

( cyrelle brown, cyrelle red, daisy handbag)

( diannna handbag, fae bag, fiona handbag )

( jeanne bag brown, karen bag, kelly bag)

( lorelie bag-black, lynn body bag, mae handbag)

(maggie bag, margaret bag, marie handbag)

(maritess shoulder, mary ann handbag, myra handbag)

(nadia shoulder, princess bag, ruth bag)

(stephanie handbag, tess summer bag-black, tess summer bag blue)

(theresa handbag, trisha bag)